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The 1st Annual Great Lakes Custom Knife Show was hosted in 2022 on the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron in the historic village of Bayfield, Ontario.

Between the years of 1996 and 2001, Wolfgang and Dianne Loerchner hosted The Canadian National Art Knife Show at the same location, the Bayfield Town Hall. The Great Lakes Custom Knife Show was created as a tribute to the earlier Bayfield shows and everything Wolfe has done for the Canadian knifemaking community.

The response to the inaugural show was so positive that for 2023 we made the difficult decision to move to a larger venue in Goderich, Ontario. About 20 minutes north of Bayfield, keeping close to the shoreline, maintaining our connection with the lake and the show's roots.

With so many talented knifemakers in Canada and so few opportunities to display work publicly and in-person, it’s high time Canada had a new knife show. We hope you can join us in August to celebrate the Canadian knife community.

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