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2023 Exhibitors

The 2nd Annual Great Lakes Custom Knife Show exhibitors list:

Featured Knifemakers:


Aaron Byard —  Byard Knives

Adam Smith —  Adam smith Knives

Alex Houle —  SBK Cutlery

Brad Millman —  Black Maple Blades

Bradley Collingridge —  Brad the Blacksmith

Brent Sunday— Sunday Knives

Brian Bosch — BG Bosch

Cam Lymburner  Lymburner Knives

Chris Hamelin  Hamelin Knives

Elizabeth Loerchner  E.C. Loerchner Knives

Eric Elson  Elson Knives and Elson Precision

Eric Hemker  Hemker Blacksmithing

Gabriel Tétreault  Bone Setter Knives

Jacco Van de Bruinhorst JVB Knives

James Emmons  Emmons Custom Knives

Jason Woytaz  JW Knife and Tool

Jeremy yelle — Yelles Cutlery

John Wilson — John Wilson Knives

Justin Dale  Matethi Knives

Kevin Charbonneau — KC Forge

Marc Gibson — Bancroft Cutlery Co.

Mark Rowe — The Fire Pit Forge

Matt Bedlington — Bedlington Knives

Mike Manto — Manto Knives

Mike Mossington — Mossington Knives

Muarry St. Amour  St. Amour Knives

Nathan Rodé — Nathan Rodé Workshop

Nicholas Bayley — Farmboy Customs

NOah Vachon — Vachon Knives

Paul Savage — Savage Knives

Rob Bonaifacio — Bonifab Custom

Rod Olson — Rod Olson Knives

Rodney Philmon — The Sharp Carpenter

Steve Cornelson — Bad Llama Forge

Steve Vanderkolff — Vanderkolff Knives

Todd Bolce — Todd Bolce Knives

Wolfgang Loerchner — Wolfe Knives

Wynn Stitt — Wynn Stitt Custom Knives

Additional Vendors:


John Bryant — The Muskoka Turner

Max Turczyn — Saratoga Custom Bows

Nat Tarnawsky — Folkcraft herbs

Seamus coyne — Buffalo bones

​​​We hope you can join us in August to celebrate the Canadian knife community.

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